Hand-tied hair

The highest quality hand-tied hair extensions

The ISLA™ Hand-Tied hair embodies the weft-style Remy hair utilized in the NBR™ method. “Remy” denotes that all hair strands align in one direction, curbing matting and tangling by ensuring a consistent flow. Renowned for its superior quality, the Remy hair collection boasts an extended lifespan compared to other brands. This sought-after hairline is exclusively available to NBR™ certified artists, highly preferred by industry experts for its exceptional standards.

100% human hair

Numerous hair brands profess to utilize solely human hair, yet often incorporate synthetic strands and silicone coatings, giving an illusion of silkiness and thickness that deteriorates swiftly under heat and chemicals. In contrast, ISLA® exclusively employs Remy 100% human hair, renowned for its prolonged durability and top-tier quality, ensuring a longer-lasting and superior experience.

Only sold to nbr™ certified artists

ISLA® Hair extensions are exclusively available to professionals holding NBR™ Certification. This ensures the meticulous application of wefts using the NBR™ Method, preserving the extensions’ integrity and superior quality. Access to ISLA® Hair is restricted to those who have received proper training, guaranteeing precise application techniques by certified individuals.

Most natural and seamless results

Hand-tied extensions offer broader coverage across your scalp, delivering a flawless, natural appearance. Through our expert application, these extensions seamlessly blend with your natural hair, making it nearly impossible to distinguish between the two.

Isla™ hand-tied hair extensions are offered in THREE lengths, THREE textures, and 18 colors.

18″ in silky straight

22” in silky straight, beach wave, curly

24” in silky straight, beach wave, curly